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Safety first

On August 15, 2022, special tactical training exercises took place in Snezhnoye field. As part of the drills, operating personnel of the facilities, company management and other officers practiced the sequence of actions to eliminate emergencies related to spills of oil products at production facilities.

The training exercises involved the staff of the APGTP and OTF, heads of the Tomsk office and the field, corporate firefighters, representatives of IE services responsible for labor safety and production activities, environmental protection, Central Dispatch, specialists of the ECOSPAS emergency rescue service, employees of the Main Directorate of Civil Defense and Emergency Situations in the Tomsk region, and the interregional directorate of Rosprirodnadzor.

According to the pre-approved scenario of the exercise, during a planned walkover of the field facilities near storage tanks, the operating personnel “observed” damaged 100 m3 and 2,000 m3 storage tanks with spills of oil (oil products) at the tank farm and with partial overflow beyond containment area with the injured of varying severity.

The oilfield personnel, together with professional ECOSPAS rescuers, successfully fulfilled the given tasks, and in line with the exercise plan, they acted in a coordinated, precise and timely manner, showing a high degree of preparation in doing so.

In a matter of seconds, an emergency signal from the operator was sent to shift supervisors, heads of the field and other officers in line with the notification procedure adopted in the company, as well as to all the necessary state institutions that control the work of enterprises involved in production, processing and transportation of petroleum products. Within a few minutes, “the injured” received first aid, and was evacuated to the first aid station at the field to clarify the diagnosis and decide on his further treatment; after 3 minutes, a fire brigade on a fire engine with the necessary equipment and wearing special uniform arrived to the accident site and began their work. Through the joint efforts of all units involved in the special tactical training exercises, the "spills" were contained and their consequences eliminated within the time limits established by the standards, using special machinery and equipment (special vehicles, equipment for collecting and transporting liquids, special tools, other equipment, PPE for protecting the body, respiratory and vision organs).

Representatives of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Tomsk Region and the interregional directorate of Rosprirodnadzor noted the high level of training and coordination, the availability of equipment for personnel and services assigned with ensuring safety and containment, as well as elimination of emergencies at our facilities, and approved the response plans.

It should be noted that our group of companies is not only firmly focused on meeting the requirements of the Russian legislation, but is also constantly improving the means and methods to achieve positive results and a high level of readiness of the entire personnel in eliminating possible emergencies of various nature. For this purpose, the company has developed and implements the system of training of employees involved in such activities. To this end, the company regularly conducts drills at all fields with all employees to eliminate various accidents, and ensures a constant and thorough monitoring of the availability and proper condition of special equipment, firefighting equipment, vehicles and personal protective equipment.

The safety of people, the environment and production facilities is a key priority for Imperial Energy!

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