21.01.2019 Production results for Y2018 in Imperial Energy Group and plans for Y2019

The actual oil production in Imperial Energy Group in Y2018 was 216.4 thousand tons. With a business plan of 236 thousand tons, its fulfillment made 91.7% or minus 19.6 thousand tons...

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17.12.2018 Accident!

On December 16, 2018, at 13:30, during crew change from Maiskoye field of Kargasok locality of the Tomsk region, in Kedrovy town of the Tomsk region, Mi-8 helicopter, airborne No. 22649, owned by the air carrier LLC “Deloviye linii sibiri”, performed a hard landing at the industrial landing site of LLC “Deloviye linii sibiri"...

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09.07.2018 Imperial Energy and Tomsk ecologists released more than a hundred small peled fishes

On June 29, Imperial Energy Group, jointly with the ecologist, has organized the release of small peled fishes into Tom river...

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25.06.2018 A celebration of body and soul harmony

Worldwide celebration of the International Yoga Day, which has already become traditional, takes place on June 21st...

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12.01.2018 Operational results of 2017 in Imperial Energy Group and plans for 2018

Actual volume of oil, produced by the Imperial Energy group of companies in Y2017, was 269.8 k tons, which is 84.3% of the approved business plan (319.86 k tons)...

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